Discipleship Weekend

Often times, one of the first questions we receive from those considering serving on a Kairos team is, “Do I need to do anything?”

While the short answer is “no, if you have a heart for this ministry and you love Jesus, that’s all that matters.”, the longer answer is, “sort of.”

The Kairos model is one that says team members should have experienced a three day retreat prior to serving on a team. 

This is not a hard and fast rule, but highly suggested and for good reason.

For those who have ever experienced a three-day retreat (Cursillo or Emmaus are examples), you know how rewarding an experience it is for your soul and for your commitment to Christ.

By doing one of these weekends, you will not only recommit your life to Christ but you will also know first-hand what the residents of Angola are experiencing on a Kairos weekend as you too have gone through a similar type of weekend.

Again, this is not required and many great servants inside the Kairos model have served with great integrity and impact without having attended a three-day retreat.

However, if you can make a three-day retreat, most will tell you how rewarding it is.

Cursillo and Emmaus weekends are not for everyone. Sometimes the schedule alone might not work. For this reason, we have been holding Discipleship Weekends in south Louisiana, which serve the same purpose as a Cursillo or an Emmaus.

There is another Discipleship weekend coming up March 21st and will be led by former Kairos leader, Joel Bajat.

If you know of anyone that would like to attend, please have them contact Joel or Freddie Sanders.



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