Upcoming Training Dates

Read below a letter from Team 67 leader, Bobby Melanson, it includes the training dates and locations:

Dear Kairos Brother and Sisters,

I am sending this message as a friendly reminder of the upcoming team formations and Weekend Retreat.

In addition to the below schedule, I want to add that Department of Corrections Training has been scheduled for Saturday, October 5th from 9:00 – 11:00 AM at the Church of Christ located at 8725 Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge.

For those hoping to attend Prayer and Share that same day, it should be possible to combine these two activities by leaving for LSP Angola directly after the training.

Also, please find below a link to the team application.

Please be sure to fill out the parts related to your name and Drivers license as carefully as possible, as this information will be used by the Chaplain’s office to clear volunteers and to add names to the gate pass.

Yours in Christ,
Bobby Melanson

2019 Schedule

Greetings in the name of Christ!

We hope your 2019 is off to a great start.

We wanted to pass along some important dates for Kairos Angola in 2019, including the dates of both the Death Row retreat and the retreats inside Camps D & C.

We hope and pray that you consider one of these retreats and if you do, please consider asking someone new to join our powerful ministry.

  • #66 Camp D
    May 23 – 26
    Training Schedule is to be determined
    Leader: Bucky Kilbourne
  • #67 Camp C
    Oct 31 – Nov 3
    Training Schedule is to be determined
    Leader: Bobby Melanson

Please contact Bucky Kilbourne if you are able to serve in Camp D with him on team #66; he can be reached at 214-563-0200 or buckykilbourne@gmail.com.

The team application for Team 66 is found here.

The past few months have been difficult for our Kairos family and their families.

Please keep the following in prayer for healing and comfort.

  • Ralph Picou’s family for comfort after Ralph’s passing
  • David Michael & family in the recent loss of his mother
  • John Dixon currently in OLOL; for healing
  • Chaplin Sumrall for healing from major back surgery
  • Kathy Michael for continued healing
  • Buzz Horsefall recovering from heart surgery
  • Our Kairos community for their struggles that I may not be aware of


Angola Kairos Council Elections

Council Nominations Being Sought

Angola Kairos brothers and sisters in Christ, we are approaching the time to elect
the Kairos Angola Council for 2019. Election to the Council should be prayerfully
conducted to ensure that our leadership is passionate in their desire to serve and
be obedient to God in that service.

The Advisory Council Operating Procedures requires elections each October for
the following year. In September, an invitation to participate as a council member
is to be extended to each active member of the Angola Kairos community.

An active member has served on a Kairos team with the past two years and been
active in the continuing ministry at Angola in the reunions and/or prayer and
share. Kairos also encourages members to be active in a Christian accountability

Please consider this your invitation to serve on the Angola Kairos Council for
2019. Seek God’s guidance on this invitation. I and the council believe we stand at a critical time that calls on our leadership to commit themselves to our continuing ministry of bringing God’s transforming love and forgiveness to those incarcerated.

The standard positions for a Kairos council are:

  • Advisory Council Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • State Chapter Committee Representative
  • Secretary
  • KairosDonor Coordinator (or Financial Secretary)
  • Treasurer
  • Institutional Liaison
  • Outreach/Recruiting Coordinator
  • Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Agape Coordinator
  • Clergy/Spiritual Director
  • Continuing Ministry Coordinator
  • Data Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator

Please respond to me by the 15th of September if you are willing to serve on the
Council in 2019. I can be reached by email: bob@doyleelectricinc.com.

Thank you for your consideration.
Your brother in Christ,

Bob Leitner

Kairos #65

Hello Kairos Family.

The next Kairos Retreat is right around the corner with Leonard Louvierre serving as our leader.

Kairos #65 will be Nov 8-11 inside Angola.

The team formation dates are below, all meetings begin at 8:45am:

  • Sat Sept 29 Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lafayette
  • Sat Oct 6 FUMC (Baton Rouge, this is also a DOC training – 8:00 a.m. at South Baton Rouge Church of Christ, 8725 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge)
  • Sat Oct 13 Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lafayette
  • Sat Oct 20 FUMC ( Baton Rouge )
  • Sat Oct 27 Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lafayette

The instructional reunion is slated for Saturday, November 17th.

Applications, including applications for closing, will be forthcoming.

Council Meeting Announced

From Chairman Mike Ryan:

A council meeting for Saturday, March 24th, from 9am – Noon at First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge.

The preliminary agenda includes:

  • A review of Kairos 64 on Death row
  • Council elections coming in October
  • Ideas on how to celebrate 25 years at Angola
  • Newsletters to members
  • Financial report
  • Secretary report
  • New business

This meeting is open to everyone connected to the Angola Kairos community. Please contact Chairman Mike Ryan with questions.

Team 63 Schedule 

We have several people already committed for the volunteer team for Kairos #63. 

I know most of us live very busy lives with busy calendars, so I will try my best to communicate all information as early as possible. 

Here is our team formation meeting schedule for Kairos #63:
Meetings will be from 8:30 – 3:00

  • Saturday, Sept 30 Lafayette 
  • Saturday, Oct 7 Baton Rouge @ FUMC, Baton Rouge 
  • Saturday, Oct 14 Lafayette 
  • Saturday, Oct 21 Baton Rouge @ FUMC, Baton Rouge 
  • Saturday, Oct 28 Lafayette

Lafayette location TBD very soon.

We know some of you are wondering, so go ahead click here

Listen. Listen. Love. Love. 

Kairos #63

Greetings Kairos Family,

I am honored to be serving you as the next team leader for Kairos #63 at Angola scheduled for Thurs., Nov 9 – Sun., Nov 12, 2017.

I am looking forward to this journey of leadership and for those of you who know my story, my life as a christian started with Kairos in February of 2013 on team # 55 inside Camp J. 

This wonderful ministry has made such a positive impact on my life and I am grateful for the friendships that have been forged here in Kairos. I will be reaching out to many of you in the coming weeks as we start to build a team for November.

New recruits are always needed to ensure the longevity and health of this ministry. If I can assist you in recruiting, please let me know. So far, 3 new volunteers have been recruited from the Lafayettte area for the Kairos #63 team. One attended DOC training in April and the other 2 will attend the next DOC training that will be held on Saturday July 22, 2017 at South Baton Rouge Church of Christ ,8725 Jefferson Highway Baton Rouge, La 70809. Doors open at 4:30 pm with training from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

Please encourage new recruits for #63, to attend DOC training on July 22.

State budget cuts have led to a substantial decrease in the staff at Angola resulting in an increased workload for remaining staff. The new time required for processing our volunteer forms submitted at the end of DOC training, is now a minimum of 21 days without any unexpected delays. 

The DOC training scheduled on October 21, will not allow enough time for processing and clearance of new and existing volunteers for Kairos #63 scheduled for Thurs Nov. 9 – Sun Nov. 12, as our Gate Pass is released the week before we go inside for the Kairos retreat. 

To ensure admittance into Angola for #63, attendance of DOC training on July 22 is highly recommended for all new incoming volunteers and past volunteers who need to renew their training. This is not the normal time frame as in the past, however this is a small sacrifice to make for God’s ministry.

I remain deeply committed to Kairos and the Kairos family. Please pray for me and I continue to pray for you.

Peace and Blessings,

Laine Leger

Rev. Tom Crosby

It is with great sadness that we pass along the news of Rev. Tom Crosby’s death. 

Tom passed away today from complications of a stroke and pneumonia.

Tom was a committed Kairos veteran, having served multiple teams well into his 80’s. 

He would have been 91 this year.

Tom Crosby Celebration of Life will Tuesday March 26th at Broadmoor United Methodist Church, 10230 Mollylea Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 

Please pray for his Wife Wilma and his family.

Rest In Peace Tom.

Kairos #62 Forming

Kairos #62 is right around the corner and team leader Mike Schultz is busy praying, recruiting and preparing for our time at Angola March 9-12. 

Read below as Mike shares his thoughts on the team formation and invites all of us to actively recruit for team. 
Please begin prayerfully recruiting potential team members, prayer warriors, cookie bakers and begin soliciting financial asisstance for the team. 

With God’s help, we will share the Gospel and transform lives inside Angola! 

Dear Kairos Family, 
I am blessed with the opportunity to lead this team and am working to recruit persons with a servant heart. I am so hopeful that you can clear your schedule for this important journey and will let me know of your interest in serving. 

If you are, please contact me this week so that I may give you an application and add you to the list of potential team members. 
This Saturday, January 21 is the first team activity: Department of Corrections training at the South Baton Rouge Church of Christ at 8:30 AM.
This will be followed by 5 team formation meetings

  • Meeting # 1 February 4 FUMC – Baton Rouge
  • Meeting # 2 February 11 FUMC – Baton Rouge 
  • Meeting # 3 February 18 FUMC – Baton Rouge
  • Meeting # 4 February 25 FUMC – Baton Rouge
  • Meeting # 5 March 4 FUMC – Baton Rouge

You will find that we will place a serious and intentional focus on training. These team sessions will prepare you for this experience – both spiritually and in terms of your assigned job.  
God will use this team and all of the talents, love, and cookies we can muster to genuinely change lives within the walls of Angola. I ask you to prayerfully consider serving as a Kairos team member.  
For those who aren’t able to physically join us inside the prison, you can support the team with your prayers, cookies, or donations.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me at ANY TIME with questions about this adventure.
With you, in Christian Love,
Mike Schultz