Kairos Letters

All members of the Kairos team are encouraged to write letters to the residents of Angola who are participating in the Kairos weekend. letter_wide-114373157624ef432f57452b56c2eb19289fd314-s6-c30

These letters are typically one page and speak to the love of God, His grace and His son Jesus Christ, whom they have gotten to know and embrace over the weekend.

Typically, a letter would encourage the resident to hold on to everything he has learned on the weekend, and at the same time, encourage him to dive deeper and to stay engaged in the prayer and share group at that particular camp.

Remember, the objective of Kairos is to spread the message of Jesus Christ and to encourage the residents to become involved in the prison’s Kairos prayer and share groups in hopes they continue to fellowship with one another.

Some Kairos team members share their favorite verses and that is encouraged.

For sample stationary, click here.


Do not stuff anything into the envelope other than the letter.

No bookmarks, no cute stickers, no candy, no tracks, nothing – just the letter. This is very important.

Do not sign your full name or give your address. Remember, you are not setting up a pen-pal relationship.


Over the years, one of the single most powerful tools in relating the love of God to those living at Angola is in the form of a letter from a child.

Encourage your Sunday School classes at church to write letters or decorate placemats. This is incredibly powerful and will move the residents in ways you can only imagine.

Just remember – no last names. Just the child’s first name and their age.