Future Leaders

Congrats and Thank You to Richard Saxer and Bob Leitner

We are excited to announce  two future leaders have following through with their calling to lead.

Richard Saxer and Bob Leitner are both poised to take on the leadership cycle and head to AKT training.

AKT stands for Advanced Kairos Training.

During these weekends, future leaders from all over the country gather with trainers and leaders from the Kairos community to learn best practices for Kairos leadership.

They learn what the community means by “riverbanks” and most importantly, they are reminded once again of the Kairos commitment to bring Christ into prisons all over the world.

Richard will be attending AKT training in Georgia this August, while Bob will be attending an AKT training in Louisiana this coming Spring.

Richard is set to lead in November of 2014, after having served as Mike Ryan’s observing leader (aka Captain Chronos) this February.

Bob will lead in February of 2015.

Please keep both of them in your prayers as they set out on this journey.

If you would like to send Richard and Bob an email of support, please do so:

If anyone is interested in serving as a leader in the Kairos community, please send en email to Todd Rossnagel, who can explain what is required and what the timeline looks like: trossnagel@gmail.com


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