Summer Update

Counting Down to November

The countdown is on for Kairos #56 in Main Prison, which will be led by Trent Garrett.

Here is Trent’s training schedule:

  • 1st meeting: September 21, Baton Rouge
  • 2nd meeting: September 28, Lafayette
  • 3rd meeting: October 5, Baton Rouge
  • 4th meeting: October 19, Baton Rouge
  • 5th meeting: October 26, Lafayette
  • 6th meeting: November 2, Baton Rouge
  • Kairos #56: Thursday November 7 – Sunday, November 10

If you would like to contact Trent, please send him an email:

If you would like to download an application, please click here.

Trent recently reached out to to our community with a message:

For those of you who cannot commit to the team, please be reminded that we are desperately in need of Agape.  

If you cannot make a financial donation, then consider going online and signing up to pray in a 10-minute block.  You can sign-up as many times as you can.  There is also an opportunity for you to get your local congregation involved by submitting placemats for the meals that the residents will be served while we are in Angola.  One of the more recognized forms of Agape are the cookies.  

As some of you may be aware, Kairos has been called the “Cookie” Ministry.  In order for us to maintain our reputation, we are going to need cookies and lots of them.  So please consider organizing groups in your community to bake cookies.

I look forward to all of your continued involvement in Kairos and remember to tell your friends about this ministry.

Sincerely, Trent

Upcoming One Day Retreats

There are two upcoming one day retreats. For those of you who have never attended a one day retreat, here is a brief description.

They are traditionally held six months prior to the next full Kairos weekend at the Camp the weekend will be held in. A one day reunion is for all residents who have ever been to a Kairos. This is an excellent opportunity for those who may not be attending a prayer and share to re-engage with the community. There are a series of talks, very similar to a full weekend.

The one day retreat also serves as a good preparation for the future leader – so be nice and listen!

The same rules for a regular weekend apply – observe the raised hand, no blue jeans, no items in – no items out, etc.

There are two upcoming one day retreats:

  • August 10: Trent’s one day retreat in Main
  • September 14: Mike Ryan’s one day retreat (camp to be determined)

If you have served on a Kairos team and are interested in helping serve on either of these one day retreats, please contact Trent or Mike.

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