Team 60 begins and an update on Checo

Kairos family,

Today is a big day!John1516

Right about now (Thursday, November 5th at 4:00pm), Team 60 is about to depart from the team hotel for Angola.

Introductions will begin as will the cookie diet!

Please be in prayer this weekend and remember that there is still time to sign up on the prayer chain.

We know God has the team right where He needs them and wants them and we are confident the Holy Spirit will pierce the roof of Camp D and nestle alongside the residents of Angola.

While we have your attention, a quick update on Checo.

Checo is doing quite well after his heart surgery. He is still in the hospital, but is recovering quite nicely.

He wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and is asking for the prayers to continue!

As we sat and visited with him, he couldn’t stop asking all of us to share the good news of Christ with those inside Angola. If he told us once, he told us 5 or 6 times

“Please let them know Jesus loves them!”

“Make sure they listen to Friendship with God”.

Checo has such a big heart for Kairos – it’s no wonder God didn’t want it to stop!



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