New Leadership, Same Mission

Kairos Family,

At the last Kairos Angola Council meeting, several items were up for discussion, including the election of new Council members and Council positions.

As Todd Rossnagel vacates the Chairman position, the Council elected a new Chairman, Mike Ryan.

While leadership at the Council level always changes, one thing remains – our commitment to Christ and our love of Kairos.

Here’s a message from Mike to the entire Kairos community:

Dear Kairos family,
Times are changing and some roles on the council have changed. In addition to myself, there are several new faces on the Council, including
  • Richard Saxer
  • Ashanti Witherspoon
  • Joel Bajat
  • Lane Leger
  • Archie Corder
My first request is that we, as a Kairos community, be in season of fasting and prayer for next forty days.
Please pray for the council and community so that we ‘stay the course’ and that we not just say how to do things, but rather, “I will come with you’, I will show you, I will pray for you’.
Pray for the entire Kairos family to increase commitment overall as we need more folks to be at reunions.
Pray that we can reach out and  ask others to join us in this ministry, you are the best recruiters we have.
Pray for our own members as we have several going through medical issues.
Pray that we remember – this is GOD’s ministry, and we are just helpers.
As you pray, I have asked next camp leader to push for 15 thousand dozen cookies.
Yes, it is a little high, but it is a goal to try for.
Why so many? During the last few retreats, we had enough ‘leftover’ cookies at Camps C and D to give to every man there… Just imagine, if you will, what it would be like to be able to give every man at Angola a gift of grace (cookies)! Please continue to pray for green agape gift$ as we don’t have to wait for retreats.
I love each and everyone of you, and there is nothing you can do about it!
Michael Ryan , YBIC
Here is a list of the entire council position by position.
  •     Chairman: Mike Ryan, Todd Rossnagel vacates
  •     Vice-Chair: Terry Fitzgerald
  •     Recruiting Coordinator, Lane Leger, Terry Fitzgerald vacates
  •     Communications Coordinator, Todd Rossnagel
  •     State Chapter Representative, Freddie Sanders
  •     Secretary, Cynthia Varisco
  •     Financial Secretary, John Dixon
  •     Treasurer, Duane Denham
  •     Institutional Liaison, Checo Yancey
  •     Agape Coordinator, Kathy Michael

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