Team 59 – It’s Almost Time

Team 59 is about to start and our leader is Bob Leitner.

Recently, Bob sent the community this letter.

Brothers and  Sisters,

Team training for team #59 is right around the corner!  I am excited to realize that my commitment made a few years ago to lead a Kairos team is almost a reality and I am humbled to by the Spirit working to bring this team together.

This is my first attempt at a group email for team #59 and it is based upon discussions and commitments that have been ongoing over the past few months.

An application is available here and I ask that you forward a completed application to my attention at

Training will begin on January 31st and will continue February 7th, February 21st, February 28th and March 7th.

All training will be held at First United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge, room 104 in the lower level.

Our Kairos (camp to be determined) is March 12th – 15th.

It is a good time, before training is upon us, to begin to solicit support for cookies, green agape, and prayers.

I ask that each of you be in prayer for Kairos #59:

  • For the team, that God would bring the desired team together and bond us together with His love.
  • For Chaplain Sumrall, that the Holy Spirit would guide his selection of our guests.
  • For all of those incarcerated in Angola, that they may hear the Good News and begin to live in the fullness of God’s love.
  • For each of us, that we may empty ourselves so that we may be filled with the Spirit of God; that we may empty ourselves that we may become a servant; that we may become obedient to Christ, the Kairos leadership, the prison authorities and the Kairos method.
  • That we may Listen, Listen and Love, Love.

Each of you has been chosen by God to be an important part of team 59.  Remember, it is God’s team.  He will provide all that we need – we must believe and trust in that.

Blessings to each of you,

Your brother in Christ,


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