The Prayer of a Future Leader

Recently, Richard Saxer attended AKT training, as he gears up to be a leader for the Angola Kairos community.

We asked him to sum up the experience, and Richard decided the best way to sum it up was via a prayer.

It’s beautiful, it’s simple and it’s a powerful example of how Jesus uses those who accept the call to do His powerful work.

From Richard:

Blessed Jesus, in Kairos we believe that our service is done at your bidding: it is not by accident that any of us bring your Good News to our incarcerated brothers and sisters. Lord, I am often shy and short on self-confidence, but I know how to show up and follow directions. With your help and the support of my brothers, I can do this job you have asked me to do.  And, Lord, help us make sure that we have a lot of fun as well!

Jesus, it is both exciting and unnerving to me.  Excitedly I remember weekends in the past that have been so full of your Holy Spirit and power.  So, eagerly I look forward to participating more in this ministry.  Yet, Lord, my anticipation is also mixed with fear and trembling ….. for I know all too well how I can mess things up when I do not listen to you or do things your way.

Courage and obedience don’t come easily to me, Jesus.  Help me to trust your choices and direction.  You know that I need wise leaders who will speak to me of you. Help me to hear them.  But, especially help me to listen to you as we call and form your team.

Okay, Lord.  You are in charge and go before us into that holy place!  And we know that you need our hands, feet, mouths, and ears to do the work of incarnate listening and loving in prison with you.  Thank you for entrusting us with this ministry.  I will give it my very best as we give you the honor and glory.

It is in your holy name that I pray.


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